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"Summit meetings tend to be like panda matings. The expectations are always high, and the results usually disappointing." -- Robert Orben... read more (

Lebanese Pound Falls 50% in Ten Days — Now Worth One Satoshi

Lebanons national currency continues to shed value amid the countrys deepening monetary crisis, with unofficial reports indicating that the Lebanese pound, or lira, has lost 50% of its purchasing pow… [+2317 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

Prokey Launches its First Web-Access Hardware Wallet, Prokey Optimum

A safer, more secure way of handling and storing cryptocurrency assets
  • Official launch of the Prokey Optimum Hardware Wallet
  • The Optimum Protection for Cryptocurrency Assets
  • … [+3099 chars]... read more (Yahoo Entertainment)

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

ANONYMOUS BITCOIN WALLET A Licensed and Secure Crypto Wallet OWNR Wallet is a licensed and safe wallet which has many functionalities that work in the advantage of crypto owners. The company comprise… [+1405 chars]... read more (

Binance Security Report Sheds Light On Crypto Scams

A report released by major crypto exchange Binance illustrates how scams targeting cryptocurrency investors attempt to gain credibility. In the report published on June 30, the exchange explained th… [+1500 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

Industry Executive Doubles Down: Bitcoin Will Hit $50,000 in 2020

After a strong rally from the March lows, Bitcoin has stopped trending higher. For the past two months, the cryptocurrency has been caught in a 15% range that it has barely deviated from. The consol… [+2802 chars]... read more (Bitcoinist)

Boomer and Gen-X Interest in Bitcoin Surges During Pandemic

The older generations have increased their monthly Bitcoin investments by a factor of nine on U.K crypto trading app Mode since the beginning of the pandemic and lockdowns. Mode Banking reported tha… [+1934 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

Strategist: Next Wave of Bitcoin Investors Likely to Come from Robinhood

As Bitcoin continues trading sideways within a trading range between $9,000 and $10,000, investors are busy at work speculating as to what could help fuel a further price rise for the benchmark digit… [+2392 chars]... read more (newsBTC)

Digital asset security startup Curv raises $23M

Digital asset security startup Curv Inc. has raised $23 million in new funding to support institutional growth, increase its headcount and for the development of new solutions. The Series A round ca… [+3524 chars]... read more (SiliconANGLE News)

Pomp Converts Comedian Bill Burr: ‘I’m getting Bitcoin! F—- this!’

Bitcoin bull Anthony Pompliano has just persuaded Bill Burr, one of the biggest comedians in the world, to invest in cryptocurrency. In a July 1 episode of the Bill Bert Podcast so named for the com… [+2905 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

LocalBitcoins Revenue Up 10% Despite KYC Impacting Market Share

Veteran peer-to-peer (P2P) crypto marketplace LocalBitcoins has reported annual revenue of nearly $29.5 million for 2019. The revenue comprises a roughly 10% increase over 2018s $26.9 million, howev… [+2099 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

Bitcoin is Showing “Signs of Exhaustion” as Analysts Eye a Movement to $8,000

Bitcoin is flashing some tempered signs of strength right now as it attempts to push up towards $9,300. This comes after an extended period of trading at $9,100 and seems to mark an extension of the… [+2621 chars]... read more (newsBTC)

Block Crunch - Are Fan Tokens A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity? - Alexander Dreyfus, Socios

Click to download audio version Socios recently sold $1.3M worth of "fan tokens" to fans of soccer club FC Barcelona, with more on the way. Alex Dreyfus (@alex_dreyfus), founder of Socios, joins us … [+1128 chars]... read more (

The Last Time This Metric Was This Low, Bitcoin Bottomed at $3,200

The past two months have been a confusing time for Bitcoin investors. The cryptocurrency has traded between a rock and a hard place, barely deviating from the range lows of $8,500 and the highs of $1… [+2522 chars]... read more (newsBTC)

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust May Be Signaling BTC has Formed a Long-Term Bottom

  • Bitcoin has been consolidating between $9,000 and $10,000 for the past several days and weeks, struggling to garner any clear trend
  • The crypto has expressed some overt weakness in rec… [+2673 chars]... read more (Bitcoinist)

Ethereum Entering “New Bull Phase” as Technical Structure Shapes Up

Ethereum is currently on the cusp of breaking back into its long-established trading range between $230 and $250. A recent influx of selling pressure experienced by the cryptocurrency forced its pri… [+2742 chars]... read more (newsBTC)

Bitcoin spot market volume fell by over 30% in June while DEXs picked up market share

Monthly volumes for both bitcoin spot and futures fell sharply in June, by 31.98% and 40.39%, respectively, according to data collected by The Block.  The decline of the bitcoin market coincided wit… [+1316 chars]... read more (Yahoo Entertainment)

Impact of COVID-19 on Crypto and Blockchain Payments

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are slowly making a transition from speculative investment instruments to payments. Special attention to payment habits and the financial life cycle as the COVID-19 p… [+16639 chars]... read more (

Expressing Our Selves

When people began using Twitter, expressing oneself in 140 characters became a challenge, and then a virtue. When Twitter expanded to 280 characters in 2017, some people stood firm with 140, for a wh… [+6075 chars]... read more (Psychology Today)

OKCoin Exec Says PayPal Will Boost Crypto Adoption, If Rumors True

Rumors recently surfaced of mainstream payment giant PayPal adding crypto as an option on its platform. Although he had no additional information on the legitimacy of the rumors, OKCoin COO Jason Lau… [+2297 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

Bitcoin Has Only Had One Other Rounded Top, And a Major Correction Followed

If the current price action is a top formation, then it doesn’t match the sharp spikes Bitcoin and blow-off tops the cryptocurrency is known for. Only one other time has a comparable rounded top form… [+3605 chars]... read more (newsBTC)

Backed to Business: Sizing up PCs and peripherals

In this edition of Backed to Business, we look at a tiny trackpad, a picayune PC, and a massive monitor (at least for toting along). CheerPod One strange gap in the Windows peripheral ecosystem ver… [+3677 chars]... read more (ZDNet)

Market Wrap: As Traditional Markets Rally, Bitcoin Gets Boring

Bitcoin broke above $9,250 for the first time since Friday as the leading cryptocurrency continues to trade in a tight range just above $9,000 for several weeks. But cryptocurrency markets have staye… [+3553 chars]... read more (CoinDesk)

SBI Invests $30M in B2C2, Largest Proclaimed Market Maker in XRP

SBI Financial Services, a subsidiary of Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, has bought a $30 million minority stake in British crypto liquidity startup, B2C2. The investment marks the beginning o… [+2312 chars]... read more (Cointelegraph)

XRP Tanks Compared To Crypto Counterparts Bitcoin And Ethereum, But Why?

XRP spent the last several years as the worst performer in the cryptocurrency market. And even though the altcoin has been beaten and battered, it has recently sunk even lower compared to Bitcoin and… [+3314 chars]... read more (newsBTC)

Ethereum Bulls Defend Crucial Support, But Outlook Remains Gloomy

  • Despite navigating down towards its crucial support at $220, Ethereums buyers were able to defend against a break below this level
  • The cryptocurrency now appears to be well-positioned… [+2757 chars]... read more (Bitcoinist)